Larger Hydraulic Services is the leading provider of hydraulic maintenance & reliability services in Ohio. With our Service & Repair Center located in Sidney Ohio and our mobile service unit servicing central Ohio, we are your source for technical services, hoses & fittings.

We are currently working on rebuilding the website as it crashed during COVID. We look forward to sharing all of our project pictures, technical guides and videos once again!

Please always be aware of stored energy in a hydraulic circuit. Never assume that a line or actuator has been de-energized. High pressure injection injuries can lead to amputations, loss of eye & sight, or death. So be cautious, be safe, and always identify potential hazards before working on any hydraulic operated piece of equipment.

For emergency services call our Parker Hose Doctor at: (614) 407-3864

For Oil Maintenance & CC Jensen Filtration Systems please contact: [email protected]